Certification and Benefits

Arshanei will provide the certification for the entire product, whereas each and every product will be tested in authorized testing laboratory in India and this certification is valid throughout the world.


Our motive is to provide the certification of the product to satisfy the customer needs.

The brief about the Exporting and Importing are two strategies for expanding relationship between ours and yours organization.

Arshanei Exporting allows you to grow your business by tapping into new overseas markets, expanding network contacts and exposing you to new ideas and methods that you may not have considered earlier.
Also the exporting is a great way to expand your business and if done properly, Can significantly increase your profitability.

Arshanei Importing, on the other hand, can help expand your business by letting you reach new domestic markets. An importing strategy can help you achieve business success by reducing manufacturing costs and allowing you to access the new products that are able to provide.
Therefore the Importing can be excellent strategy for expanding your business; however a good import business doesn’t happen without proper planning and research.

The Main key point of the benefits of the Arshanei is:

  • The Arshanei is register under the Indo Iran Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IICCI) Organization
  • IICCI will be facilitated the benefits of the customer to reach the product safe, secure and no default issue.
  • We have our own manufacturer units for many products and we also take from the former directly.
  • Our main aim is to provide the quality of the product with the lessor margin
  • We give the product for the Quality Assurance team to test before deploying the product to shipment
  • We make the product packing done as per the customer requirement and also we make sure to deliver the product on time.