Cumin Seeds

Arshanei offer a wide range of Cumin Seeds in different varieties, These Cumin is widely used flavour in Indian and many other Asian countries; it is mainly used where highly spicy food is preferred, therefore the Cumin Seeds are strongly aromatic and used as whole, fried or toasted before applying in it and most significant spice in the curry powder, Cumin along with coriander forms a major ingredient of curry powder and other spice blends; The smell of cumin is quite Pronounced; strong and heavy, bitter taste. It has a pungent flavour can persist for a long duration; they have its applications worldwide in sectors other than food like beverages, medicines, toiletries and perfumery, It also helps in the treatment of Respiratory disorders, Piles, Digestion problems, Skin disorders Insomnia, Cold, Bronchitis, Immunity, Asthma etc. Hence the Indian Cumin has a good demand in international market and it is exported in both seed form as well as powder form based on the client requirement.

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